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Fresh bark pine

Fresh pine bark is light brown and does not contain any fungi or bacteria. This will respond effectively to the needs of everybody who volues aesthetic in the garden. Ideal as a surface for paths or little squares. What is more, it protects the roots against frost. We offer our bark in 80l bags, however, we can deliver our good in bulk if there is a significant demand.

  • Protection against weeds
  • Protection against frost
  • Decorative value
  • Prevention of weeds developing

Composted bark Composted bark is pine bark which is composted from 1 to 2 months. As a result it releases the largest amount of mineral nutrients into the soil from all mulches and tree bark which are available. It makes soil acid very well and the soil’s pH can be even 4,5. Thanks to these properties our bark is perfect for plants such as azaleas, rihododendrons, Nothern highblush bluberry, coniferous trees and bushes. Our bark is sold in huge quantities and the main customers are producers of Nothern highblush blueberry.

  • Water accumulation
  • Compose humus
  • Protection against bacteria
  • Protection against Frost
  • Moisture retention
  • Prevention of weeds developing


We offer you a sorted pine bark:

  • fine fraction – up to 2 cm
  • medium fraction – up to 4 cm
  • thick fraction – up to 6 cm


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